Salga Salary And Wage Collective Agreement

1. that the wage increases to be made from 1 July 2020 are completely frozen; The Department of Finance`s request confirms affordability, Heese said, adding that public sector wages “have increased significantly in recent years and the current rate is unaffordable from a budgetary point of order.” By renouncing the agreement, SALGA has attempted to resume wage negotiations on an agreement signed three years ago and which is found last year. The following options were presented by SALGA; The NEC considers this to be a declaration of war, a war that we are prepared to fight to the end to defend the collective agreement on wages, which is legally and contractually owed to municipal workers. Samwu, SA`s largest municipal workers` union, says the State Department`s demands to push municipalities to seek an exemption from a multi-year collective agreement will weaken the unions` bargaining position and set a bad precedent. However, we are encouraged by the large number of municipalities that have already indicated in writing to workers that they will abide by the collective agreement on wages. The union is furious and irritated that, after our rejection of the proposals, SALGA immediately wrote to the municipalities asking them to invoke article 11 of the main collective agreement individually, which provides that a municipality accepts an application for exemption from the granting of wage increases for workers. The NEC indicated that the work was being carried out in the Amanzing Bargaining Council, where wage negotiations for workers in the country`s water management services were continuing. SAMWU had filed a request for 9.5%, while the employers` organisation had retaliated with a 4.5% pay increase which it was prepared to revise in the event of an agreement on allied demands. On Thursday, the SA Municipal Workers Union (Samwu) said it was “shocked and outraged by the Ministry of Finance`s attempts to break off collective bargaining in the municipal sector.” 3. The implementation of wage and wage increases has been postponed until 1 January 2021; And Heese said there would likely be a “political storm” around the issue, “but one that reflects and reflects the national public sector wage agreement.”

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